“CT Trophy” Glass Cleaning Competition (Shanghai) 2016 which was title-sponsored by Foshan CT Corporation, was successfully completed in the 17th China Cleaning Expo on March 30, 2016. The event attracted a lot of talents to show off their cleaning skills and also attracted a lot of public attentions.

Participants used CT Window Washer & Squeegee 2-in-1, Magic Nano Sponge, and Microfiber cloth provided by CT Corporation to compete in the contest.

Some highlights are shown below:

CT Product Consultant is explaining the rules for the competition

Candidates were giving their best

Judges were working very seriously


1st Runner-up:上海好美清洁服务有限公司——吴绪房

2nd runner up:上海万杰环境管理服务有限公司——汪良庆

Group photo of judges and candidates

“CT Trophy” Glass Cleaning Competition (Shanghai) 2016 came to an fruitful end. Thanks a lot for the enthusiasm and the participation from the candidates and their respective companies. Look forward to meet you all in the next event.


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